Covid -19 and Mucormycosis(Black Fungus)

Mucormycosis(Black Fungus) is rare infection. It affects the sinuses, eyes and the brain and lead to death in patients whose immune system is weak. People suffering from COVID-19, Kidney diseases, HIV/AIDS, other viral diseases, cancers and untreated or irregularly treated diabetes have weekend human immunity system. This may prone to develop Black Fungus. COVID-19 patients who have received steroids (lifesaving drug for severe and critically ill Covid-19 patients) are particularly at risk, because steroids suppress the immune system by pushing up blood sugar levels in both diabetics and non-diabetic. This lowers the body’s immune system.

In Black Fungus diseases cough producing bloody and dark fluids; swelling of and pain in the eye; drooping of eyelids; and blurred and finally, loss of vision. There could be black patches of skin around the nose.

If black fungus is left untreated it may lead to death of patient or need to remove eyes. Even treatment cost for Black Fungus is around Rs 3500. 00 a dose and is taken for eight weeks. Hence it is advised to lower the risk of infection from Black Fungus by adopting following simple steps:

  1. It requires to get and provide information about the disease.
  2. In hospitals air must be check for presence of spores, especially in the critical care wards
  3. Humidifiers used during oxygen therapy must be sterile.
  4. patients suffering from critical diseases are advised to remain indoors until they regain their natural strength and immunity.

However, if symptoms of Black Fungus diseases appeared in people, they should immediately contact Doctor either at Homeofoundation or any other physician for further treatment. For details of permanent treatment of diabetes one can visit at,  or for treatment of cancer one can visit, .

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