“Homeopathy offers a SAFE, natural alternative that causes no side effects or drug interactions.”

Dr. Robert Mendelssohn, M.D.


“Homeopathy is the safest and more RELIABLE approach to ailments and has withstood the assaults of established medical practice for over 100 years”
― Yehudi Menuhin



Homeopathy is an EFFECTIVE natural remedy that have no side effects.

Our Specialities

Cancer / Oncology

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Kidney Diseases

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Liver Disorders

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Chronic Diseases

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Piles / Hemorrhoids

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Preventive Medicine

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Treatment for Chronic Diseases

Homeo Foundation is headed by Dr. Rajeev Kumar, BHMS, MD who is excel in treatment of Chronic diseases like Cancer, Kidney Diseases, Thyroid and may more incurable disease as declared by other medical science. Here treatment is carried out based on sign and symptoms of patients. We does not recommend surgery even in case of Cancer diseases. Our treatment does not reflect any side effect.

Over 99 percent of our patients have avoided surgery in critical diseases after homeopathic treatment from our Homeo Foundation (Homeopathy Clinic). We are physically located In Delhi-NCR, Noida and Patna. Actual Visiting days will be notified for through our website.

DR Rajeev Kumar (B.H.M.S, M.D)

Dr Rajeev KumarHomeo Foundation is headed by DR Rajeev Kumar, BHMS, MD who excels in treatment of Chronic diseases, Cancer, Thyroid, Brain Tumor, Kidney diseases, Infertility, Allergy and may more incurable disease as declared by other medical sciences.

Dr Rajeev Kumar, BHMS, M.D has successfully used rare and uncommon homeopathic remedies in treatment of patients. His treatment doesn’t show side effect and got excellent results. He provides personalised treatment for every patient’s. The fruitful use of these remedies comes from his vast experience and in-depth knowledge of Homeopathic Science.

At Homeo Foundation Dr. Rajeev Kumar, M.D, has successfully treated more than thousands cases of Cancer (Breast Cancer, Brain Tumor) Kidney diseases, Infertility, Thyroid, Allergy etc, which enables us to ensure you for safe and scientific solution for effective treatment.


Covid -19 and Mucormycosis(Black Fungus)

Mucormycosis(Black Fungus) is rare infection. It affects the sinuses

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Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast cancer is a very common form of Cancer which develops in the cells of breast.

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Permanent Treatment of Chronic Diseases

If you tired with treatment for chronic Diseases with conventional medicine

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