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Piles / Hemorrhoids :

Piles or Hemorrhoids are actually, distended veins in the anal canal. Veins tend to stretch under pressure. When veins in the lower part of the rectum or anus stretch, swell or descend in to the anal canal, i.e. when they prolapse or protrude in to the canal they are considered as Piles/Hemorrhoids. Some other factors which contribute to the prolepses of the veins are Constipation, leading to straining while passing stool, pregnancy, weakening of the muscles supporting the veins due to ageing etc.


  • Bleeding from the anus after defecation (passing stool) during defecation during and after defecation usually without pain but in some conditions with pain.
  • Constipation
  • Itching
  • Protrusion of a mass from the anal canal (can be felt digitally).


Piles can develop because of increasing pressure in the veins of the lower part of the rectum and anus. This increasing pressure can be due to various reasons like

  • Pregnancy
  • Straining during chilled birth
  • Obesity
  • Lifting heavy weights over a long period
  • Sitting or standing for a long time
  • Chronic constipation accompanied with straining to evacuate the bowels
  • Repeated diarrhea and dysentery
  • A habit of suppressing the urge to defecate
  • Inherited tendency to develop Hemorrhoids / Piles.


Homeo Foundation best Centre for Piles / Hemorrhoids treatment at Delhi NCR, Noida and Patna. Hoemo Foundation is headed by Dr Rajeev Kumar M.D, a Homeopathic Doctor, who is best doctor for Piles / Hemorrhoids treatment. He has successfully used some rare and uncommon remedies in Piles / Hemorrhoids treatment and got excellent results. Recommendation of these remedies comes from his vast experience and in-depth knowledge.

Here diagnosis is made on the basis of patient’s condition and accordingly best treatments for Piles / Hemorrhoids is carried out. Our clinical research reveals that there is no side effect of our treatment. We are providing treatment of Piles / Hemorrhoids without any surgery. At Homeo Foundation, we have successfully treated many patients of Piles / Hemorrhoids which enables us to ensure for safe, scientific and effective treatment.

Dr Rajeev Kumar recommends to Piles / Hemorrhoids patients – Treat Early and Control Piles before it gets too late!

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