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Oral Cancer :

A cancer of the oral cavity is a malignant tumor arising from the structures in or near the mouth. Most oral cancers are squamous cell carcinoma that is, they begin most typically in the cells that make up the mucous membrane lining the mouth. Rarely, other oral cancers arise from the surrounding structures, such as the jawbone and the hard palate (roof of the mouth). These may be adenocarcinomas (tumors arising from tiny mucous glands in the roof of the mouth or the cheeks) or osteosarcomas (tumors arising from the jawbone).

Causes :

Todays extravagant lifestyle is the main cause of oral cancer, especially habit of chewing tobacco, pan masala, gutka, smoking are the major causes.


Treatment is carried out by medicines which cause the Oral cancer cells to multiply more slowly, stop multiplying or die. Homeofoundation is one of most successful and effective Oral Cancer treatment Centre in at Delhi NCR, Noida and Patna. Homeofoundation is headed by DR Rajeev Kumar, M.D, who has one of best Doctor for Oral Cancer treatment. Dr Kumar is one of the most prominent names for Oral Cancer treatment in homeopathy.

Dr Rajeev Kumar has successfully used some rare and uncommon homeopathic remedies in treatment of Oral Cancer and got excellent results. The fruitful use of these remedies comes from his vast experience and in-depth knowledge of Science.

Dr Rajeev Kumar is diagnosis on the basis of patient’s condition and provides best treatments for Oral Cancer which does not have side effects. At Homeo Foundation, Dr. Rajeev Kumar, M.D, has successfully treated many patients of Oral Cancer which enables us to ensure you for safe and scientific solution for effective treatment. Dr Rajeev Kumar is one of the Best Doctor for Oral Cancer Treatment.

Dr Rajeev Kumar recommends to Oral Cancer patients – Treat Early and Control Oral Cancer before it gets too late!

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